Sunday 5 October 2014

Photokina 2014

Not long back from Photokina 2014 in Cologne, Germany.  Some pictures can be seen on my Facebook page here: Photokina 2014

Now being a Canon user that stand was my first port of call especially as they had just announced the launch of the canon 7D MKll CanonEOS7DMarkII and the 400mm DO F4 lens EF 400mm F4 DO IS USM

Obviously had a try of both camera and lens and each impressed.  The 7D MKll AF is exceptionally  quick and has its own processor to handle the AF functions.  Its a great camera, but a larger sensor at "H" might have made it stunning.  The again I suspect that would have pushed the price up as well.  It's all about compromises in camera design and an update the 1D MKlV would have been ideal for sport photographers.

The 400mm F4 DO is a beautiful bit of glass and handles superbly but its bank loan time if you want to own one.  Your needs would need to be great or your bank balance very flush to afford this beauty.  I am sure they will sell but not too many unless your employer was buying I suspect.  A dream lens, and that is about as close as I will get to owning one.

The next stand to impress was Samsung. The NX1 Samsung NX1  Again another great camera with a lot going for it especially the AF and low light capabilities.  Big problem as this is an SLR - do you switch for your current model to go "Samsung"?  Most of us invest in a system and the usual swap is Nikon to Canon or Canon to Nikon.  Now Samsung have some nice lenses for the camera with more to be announced but not at the cheap end of the market.  New entry into photography?  Give this camera a look - it will not disappoint.

Another item that interested me was the Nissin i40 Flashgun i40 Flash Small and lightweight this made a great addition to my kit.  Yes, I actually bought one it impressed that much with its 1/8000 sync - all speeds..  It makes a great change to see camera gear going "lightweight!  Check it out - very impressive.  Not sure if there is a Nikon version, hopefully yes.

Staying on flashguns I also purchased a Caler 200 Jimbai Caler 200 which also impressed me.  Battery pack that is incredibly fast and sync speed up to 1/8000 meant that I simply could not resist.  Replaceable bulbs and a power unit that fits standard Canon flash guns mad it a no-brainer. The bulb end diffuser has 2 screens which can be removed if required but this does mean the end is larger than normal.  Maybe not as easy to fit in the camera bag if space is tight but the usefulness far outweighs that issue.

Just a mention to GoPro: no announcement of the Hero 4 (that I heard anyway) GoPro and  your stand was way too small for the event.  You worldwide sales must run into millions yet most of us could not get near you!  Lesson for 2016 - go big!  Listen and learn from the audience that tried to hear what was going on.

Will be back in 2016 - yes, not to be missed.  Technically you cannot buy directly from the exhibitors at Photokina but special prices for the event mean - Resistance is futile - just buy!!  Delighted with my bargains and the companies that could not do enough to help.  Did try to buy a bag for my gear - despite leaving all my details with the German supplier - not a word.  Now purchased from Calumet Calumet UK  who had a sale on - Glasgow store.  We all love a bargain!


Monday 13 May 2013

Neglected corner of my web

It has been some time since this was updated and of course there is always an excuse for keeping it on the back burner.  Time to jot a few words to "is it really worth it" immediately spring to mind.

Am not convinced it generates interest or income for most unless you are at the top of the tree or already well known.  Readers or followers really do need to be interested in what you have to offer, or what you have to offer is generally interesting.

The good thing is my Youtube account is linked and all my videos appear on the page here as soon as they are published to the web.

Of course I have been very busy and a lot of what I have been doing is here: Youtube

Zombie Wedding was great fun and the music of Lou Hickey is very catchy indeed.  You can see some footage here and above.

Doing a good deal of wedding work now that the season has started and some images can be seen on my Smugmug account.   Again, of course you cans see footage on the Youtube channel:

You can also see Michelle & Frank's First Dance video as well:
Balbirnie House HotelBalbirnie House

Like I said previously keeping very busy and doing a lot more video work so if you need a photographer or video work undertaken then visit the website

Usual number to get in touch: 07756926054

Remember to subscribe to the Youtube Channel to keep up to date.



Tuesday 14 February 2012

Blogger, wherefor art thou, Blogpost

It's getting more and more difficult to keep on ways to communicate these days.  All this technology and only 24 hours in a day.  Tweet, tube, book and blog, it's all getting too much!

The Youtube channel is getting used more often than anything else at the moment but I guess the bulk of the workm is done on your social networking site.  Mine is FB and just keeping up with everyone else is a full time job in itself.  Too many of the post are "look at me" rather than "this is what I have been up to" or "this is what is happening in the (my) world".

Do we really all have a message to pass on to others?  Some interesting fact, news or knowledge? Or is it more of a case of "look at me" - I seek attention and need you to respond.  Just recently seen so much of -"I jusy posted this to see how many of my friends really read my posts" - "please do this that or the other to respond!  Oh yeah?  Now the thing is, generally speaking, I will respond as I do read what you are posting.  I am interested in what you are up to and you should keep your posts "interesting" so that I can enjoy the read.

Makes you wonder though.  Is there anything these sites do not know about you?  You likes, shopping habits, surfing experience, what you are looking for, shopping, gifts etc.  I went looking for a microphone on E-bay for the new video interviews I do and now every time I look at a Youtube video i get bombarded with "microphone" adverts.  So obvioulsy this information is shared across the internet.  Quite scary really.

Anway that is my excuse for ignoring this Blog for a more than a month.  Does anyone really read it? More to the point, do enough people read it to make it worthwhile continuing with it?  That si not asking the reader here for as reply just my general musings.  Is it a tool to market yourself that others can find you if they go looking?  Why would they choose to read my written thoughts on how I am spending my time.  Do I really have a message to pass over to you?  Probably not!

It does give you the chance to showcase some of your work and that is something, but why not just view it on your web site, FB or Youtube account?  Are we being swamped with information overload? I suspect we all are and it takes up more and more of our time to consume it.  We really are turning into a nation/people of techo babble stuck at PC, phone or tablet.  Should we really get out more, sleep more perhaps because the time has git to be deducted from somewhere within this 24 hour timeframe.

It's just as well my Youtube account is automatically updated to here, FB, Twitter etc. Saves me a ton of time!!?  Yeah right!


  1. Just completed this on Sunday and still editing images from the day.  Cold day in Glasgow so must really thank our model Lesley.  Great model and very professional throughout.
  2. More Braehead Clan offerings but a big lull this month at the Arena due to the international tennis being played there.  Next game on the 18th Feb.  Pictures and videos on Youtube etc :)
More fashion work for Emulate Magazine Emulate Magazine

More to see in the next edition published on the 1st April.

Keep up to date on my FB, yes I do use it, too much probably.  Youtube channel is updated automatically on this page - to the right pane.

Take care out there.


Friday 23 December 2011

Its Christmas Time

Its Christmas time.  Well very nearly and for some sooner than others depending on where you live in the world.  Just a couple of days away for us here in the UK and at last the tills in the shops appear to be ringing out loud and clear which will come as some relief to the shop owners.

They reckon that some 9000 business will be insolvent by the time we get into the New Year all because consumer spending is way down with many people feafing for their jobs or future prospects.  Photography is not immune to the recession and many have seen a real drop in bookings for wedding and the like.  There will always be those that buck the trend but generally speaking the trend is for cheap, cheaper and cheapest.  For many this is the only option left open to them as  people really are feeling the pinch.  If Christmas spending is at rock bottom then you can rest assure things are bad.

Not long until 2012 and sadly it looks like there will be no real improvement in personal circumstances for the majority in the UK.  This is not a good time to be a public service worker and the private sector will not fare much better for the bulk of those employed in it.

Not much joy around, but Christmas with your family or friends should be a time of good cheer with of course some pressies and hopefully good food to enjoy.  Let's make the most of the holiday and forget some of our woes.  Relax for a few days and enjoy yourself as best you can wrapped up in the spirit of Christmas.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone.  If you can spare a thought or two for those less fortunates than yourself.  There are always those who are worse off than we will ever be and who have no welfare system to offer some comfort.  Raise a glass or two to those no longer with us and who we miss, especially now and at the Bells on Hogmany.

May the light of the world shine upon you and keep you safe.  Health before wealth, but don't forget the lottery ticket this and next weekend!

See you all in 2012

Sunday 11 December 2011

A little bit sick.

No, really I am a bit sick.  Have an infection in my lower lung which is being treated with antibiotics.  Not as bad as I was but unable to do much in the way of photography.

Prior to going off sick I did cover the Braehead Clan hockey match against the Edinburgh Capitals and that can be seen or accessed via the Youtube bar on the right of this Blog.

Emulate Magazine goes from strength to strength with the "likes" on our Facebook page now well into three figures.
We also launched our model competition with the winners going on to make the Emulate Calendar for 2013.  Really looking forward to that so please get involved if you can.

It's real easy to compete with all the rules on the web site.  You submit three pictures for consideration and let the best one win :)

Emulate goes live on the first of January and we will keep you updated on that.  Well I think we might be mentioning it a few times over the Xmas period and beyond.

Remember you must subscribe on the web site to get your copy.  It's all free to receive.

Get subscribing now as Issue 1 will be a bumper issue which we will need to live up to for future publication.  A challenge but one that we relish.  Stories about sport, lifestyle and modelling.  There is a lot in there and hopefully it will provide you with a great read in the New Year.


I have been updating my videos and slideshows and continue to do so as there are still quite a few more to render.  They can be seen from the Youtube bar on the right of the Blog or you can visit my channel directly from here  Check out Debbie Shaw modelling in the video slideshow "Night & Day".  Black wigged she looks awesome and a real change from her normal Blonde look.  Chjeck it out!  Would also be nice if you would click the adverts that appear on the screen as they usually relate to something of your own personal interests.  It does not pay awfully much but every little bit helps keep the production going.

Other videos are Vicky, Marlene, Nikola, Club 29 and Nadia.  All worth a watch.  Well you expect me to say that - the content is always worth a watch.  The photography you can always comment on if you so wish.

Will try and get another Blog together before Xmas when hopefully I will have been able to get out a shoot a few images to post.  Until then take care out there.


Saturday 26 November 2011

One must - when time allows of course.

More than two weeks since I last updated this Blog and if I leave it any longer it will become too much like hard work.  Now when you have been doing nothing much for days then updating anything is an easy chore.  In fact it is no trouble at all.  One however has been very busy indeed.  Too busy to spend time updating here as a web based diary of my activity.

Predictably Blogging gets put on the back burner as does updating my web sites with new content which is not a good thing I'm guessing.  All those lovely Gogglebots just eat up that new stuff at a tremendous rate scouring tinternet for new material.  Well, ye have had nae luck at ma place ooer the last fortnight!  Then again I guess all the copycatters  (is that a word? - it is noo) will be stuck for things to do for a month - well at least until the late nights draw in again.

It is true to say that one (there will be an awful of "ones" in this post - hence the title) has moved away somewhat from the traditional web site method of advertising your wares or services to a wider public in favour of something different. Now taking another route to get wider recognition of the name and work currently being produced.  Of course a lot of the tradional stuff will still be there, it simply has to be as that is how we currently find materials, goods and services offered by others.  Moving away from the traditional web site will create its own unique problems but I am confident these issues can be overcome and others will move along with you.

A new venture is always fraught with thoughts of failure but I like the old saying; nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Even if it does not take off all that will have been lost will be some time and effort which I have enjoyed a great deal.  One has been working on many projects at a tremendous pace and the amount of output is is quite staggering fopr the time scales involved.  Deadlines to meet, projects to complete - it's exciting times here in the sleepy hamlet of  Wake up call will be announced real soon.

This might be a tad sad but I am really looking forward to announcing to few souls out there (they know who they are) - copy this - ya bass!


Another sad issue is the fact that someone (I do belive it is only one person) is trying to sabotage the "work" I upload to the social media sites like Youtube and Facebook.

Initially my Youtube videos started to be complained about and then that moved on to Facebook images.  Now these sites tend not to check the content first or contact the creator of the work, they simply pull the stuff down.  Now Youtube informed me of what they were doing but Facebook did not and as a consequence it took me some to realise "images" had been deleted from my photo galleries.

Now anyone who knows me and the publicly produced work that can be viewed by anyone else, knows that I have a "viewable by all" rating.  Sure some of it can be models with few clothes on, but every one of them is equal to what can be seen on a public beach in the UK.  At a level of bikini you can view more revealing images in daily newspapers.

It is hard to see what they find "offensive" in anything they see on those channels and you always have the option to "Unlike" someone or simply do not visit my Channel on Youtube.  It really is simple stuff to avoid if you want to.

Since there is nothing offensive (If you believe differently please let me know) in the imagery I produce it leaves one with only the logical conclusion of sabotage.

Now it case of any doubt all the stuff I produce is my own copyright and any music used has been purchased with a world wide distribution certificate.  Youtube are quite cagey in their mailings saying that this might be an issue for the prohibitation to the videos.  That does not really hold water as all my videos are clearly marked and the music copyright is included, and indeed inbedded, within the video.

Now as a favour I did do a "video", use that term loosely here, in Alea casino for one of the dancers while Michael Jackson's "Thriller" was the background music to her dancing.  That was quickly pounced on but rather that pulled they just stuck adverts on the video track.  This is where a lot of people come unstuck.  You simply cannot use someone elses work even if is is freely (that just means you can view it) available to others.  Copyright theft is a civil matter and if you are making money from from it, that is a criminal offence.

Now I have done none of that and to give you an idea of what we are talking about one of the videos complained of was "Braehead Clan V Sheffield Steelers" - an ice hockey match!  All it contains are my images and my licenced music, nothing else.  So we now have someone who is reporting videos for nothing.  It is time consuming to have to answer these challenges and get them corrected but one good thing in this is that the sites are hosted in the USA.

Now under their laws (USA) you have the right to know who is complaining about you and they do not have the right to remain anonymous.  They obviously do not know that simple fact - this is not an FBI -V- The Mob case, it is simply something that spite driven.

I have not asked who the complainer is - yet.  If it continues I will do, and "one" will react to the pettiness and spite shown.  Please cease and desist, I really do not want to know who you are - I already know you are a small minded individual of no consequence.  So wrap it!

Photography & stuff

One has run out of time, again.  Just to let you know that I have been very busy and that you can still see a lot of the more recent activity on the Youtube bar to the right of these words.  That is updated automatically by Youtube so something less to worry about by me.

Shot some models in the DP studios and would just like to thank Stuart Dreghorn for being so helpful in ensuring time to getting it done.  A few hockey matches also covered and they have been uploaded to the web site and Youtube.  The new calendar launches on Wed and pre bookings ahve been excellent.  Kicks off at 1800hrs in Xscape at Braehead.  Copies will be signed on the night if you want to drop in.  Will make a great xmas pressie - go on buy one, or two!

Sorry no links to stuff, all searchable if you are really interested.

Have to say thanks yet again to the great team of G.L.S. - You will get to see some of the images real soon but thanks to Lesley Docherty for the hair styling and Stephanie Kerr for the Makeup.  You can find them both on Facebook.

OK I'll post one image - guess what this is for:  It's a cracker  look here:

no it is not real.

See you out there.

Take care,


Wednesday 9 November 2011

100,000 + and rising!

Had been keeping track of the visitors to my web site and was delighted to see I was fast approaching the 100,000 mark for the year.  Have now passed that mark and currently sit at 100,586 visits which while not exactly "global" numbers is a significant milestone.

It is always interesting to see where people are in the world and why they are reaching your site on the world wide web.  Search terms used and global positioning help you determine if perhaps you have a potenial client for your services or, as is very often, another web entity harvesting your e-mail address offereing their particualr services.

I used to wonder why I got so many hits from American visitors until I realised they are at least seven other "Glasgows" in the States.  Anyone typing in "Glasgow Photographer" in America would eventually find my ".com" web address here in the UK.  Initially my web site was the standard "" address but I quickly learned that it was being bypassed in the Google search results in favour of the higher placed ".com" suffix.  So I now run with both versions active but the ".com" site is always placed higher in the rankings.

It takes a lot of hard work to be highly placed in "Google" and I have done a "lot" to ensure I am up there with the best of them.  It is little suprise to learn than a number of others copy (exactly) your mega tags and descriptions.  Never mind creating you own, just rip off someone else and change the title to suit your own web address or name.  That is part of the joys of the tinternet.  Words and images appear to be "copyright free" and many feel it is OK to rip them off and pass it on as their own work.  This is not the case as such actions are liable.  Have already taken two newspapers, one record company and one "music download" site to task on this misuse and breach of copyright.  The fact that it is on the tinternet does not mean it is free to use - as all Google searches now have to point out to you.  So you cannot say you were not aware of the usage restrictions. 

If you cannot use your own words and images or you are unable to produce them through your own efforts - then pay someone to do it for you.  Plagerism is theft and as such can be liabled against you.  Do the decent thing and ask for permission.  You might be surprised at how many helpful people are on here.

Back to the headline.  100,000 site visitors.  No mean feat, in "no mean city"!  I presume that Glasgow would be like London in this regard (sorry have no stats for Glasgow).  London has more "photographers" than taxi drivers.  Glad I have a car then!


Scott Garvie's new Girls sensation just launched - Gurlesque:

They will be supporting the X Factor losing finalists every Sunday in Campus, Sauchiehall St, Glasgow.

Dont miss them.  See them on Facebook as new images are launched on a daily basis until this Sunday.    Gurlesque   This week supporting "The Risk" & "Johnny Robinson".

Braehead Clan

Another win for the Clan at Braehead Arena this time against the Belfast Giants who currently top the league.  See the video images here:

You can also hear some post match interviews on the Clan web site with some questions from myself:  Braehead Clan listen up      Web static images can be seen here:

Once more with Nikola

Proving to be a very popular model and fitness trainer Nikola Bonova was once agsin called on to model in this latest project for two up and coming artists.  Cannot say too much at this time but some images can be seen on my Facebook:

Shot in Alloa and then onwards to a local hotel who supplied some of the "buns/cakes"  The great thing was I got some to take away with me to enjoy later with a nice cup of tea.  Thanks girls, they were lovely.

A face for Radio

It would appear that I have found my niche - at last!  A face for radio as I did another interview this time with a Clan favourite - Kyle Bruce.  The interview will be appearing in print but the full voice interview will be available as a podcast in the new year.  In the new year?  Yes, it will all be revealed in your new online magazine to be launched real soon.   Covering, sports, modelling and lifestyle topics it should appeal to a wide range of readers.  Keep "listening" for more.  Excited with this new project, more name dropping soon!  Today Glasgow, tomorrow the "stars"!

You all take care out there.  Speak real soon.