Saturday, 26 November 2011

One must - when time allows of course.

More than two weeks since I last updated this Blog and if I leave it any longer it will become too much like hard work.  Now when you have been doing nothing much for days then updating anything is an easy chore.  In fact it is no trouble at all.  One however has been very busy indeed.  Too busy to spend time updating here as a web based diary of my activity.

Predictably Blogging gets put on the back burner as does updating my web sites with new content which is not a good thing I'm guessing.  All those lovely Gogglebots just eat up that new stuff at a tremendous rate scouring tinternet for new material.  Well, ye have had nae luck at ma place ooer the last fortnight!  Then again I guess all the copycatters  (is that a word? - it is noo) will be stuck for things to do for a month - well at least until the late nights draw in again.

It is true to say that one (there will be an awful of "ones" in this post - hence the title) has moved away somewhat from the traditional web site method of advertising your wares or services to a wider public in favour of something different. Now taking another route to get wider recognition of the name and work currently being produced.  Of course a lot of the tradional stuff will still be there, it simply has to be as that is how we currently find materials, goods and services offered by others.  Moving away from the traditional web site will create its own unique problems but I am confident these issues can be overcome and others will move along with you.

A new venture is always fraught with thoughts of failure but I like the old saying; nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Even if it does not take off all that will have been lost will be some time and effort which I have enjoyed a great deal.  One has been working on many projects at a tremendous pace and the amount of output is is quite staggering fopr the time scales involved.  Deadlines to meet, projects to complete - it's exciting times here in the sleepy hamlet of  Wake up call will be announced real soon.

This might be a tad sad but I am really looking forward to announcing to few souls out there (they know who they are) - copy this - ya bass!


Another sad issue is the fact that someone (I do belive it is only one person) is trying to sabotage the "work" I upload to the social media sites like Youtube and Facebook.

Initially my Youtube videos started to be complained about and then that moved on to Facebook images.  Now these sites tend not to check the content first or contact the creator of the work, they simply pull the stuff down.  Now Youtube informed me of what they were doing but Facebook did not and as a consequence it took me some to realise "images" had been deleted from my photo galleries.

Now anyone who knows me and the publicly produced work that can be viewed by anyone else, knows that I have a "viewable by all" rating.  Sure some of it can be models with few clothes on, but every one of them is equal to what can be seen on a public beach in the UK.  At a level of bikini you can view more revealing images in daily newspapers.

It is hard to see what they find "offensive" in anything they see on those channels and you always have the option to "Unlike" someone or simply do not visit my Channel on Youtube.  It really is simple stuff to avoid if you want to.

Since there is nothing offensive (If you believe differently please let me know) in the imagery I produce it leaves one with only the logical conclusion of sabotage.

Now it case of any doubt all the stuff I produce is my own copyright and any music used has been purchased with a world wide distribution certificate.  Youtube are quite cagey in their mailings saying that this might be an issue for the prohibitation to the videos.  That does not really hold water as all my videos are clearly marked and the music copyright is included, and indeed inbedded, within the video.

Now as a favour I did do a "video", use that term loosely here, in Alea casino for one of the dancers while Michael Jackson's "Thriller" was the background music to her dancing.  That was quickly pounced on but rather that pulled they just stuck adverts on the video track.  This is where a lot of people come unstuck.  You simply cannot use someone elses work even if is is freely (that just means you can view it) available to others.  Copyright theft is a civil matter and if you are making money from from it, that is a criminal offence.

Now I have done none of that and to give you an idea of what we are talking about one of the videos complained of was "Braehead Clan V Sheffield Steelers" - an ice hockey match!  All it contains are my images and my licenced music, nothing else.  So we now have someone who is reporting videos for nothing.  It is time consuming to have to answer these challenges and get them corrected but one good thing in this is that the sites are hosted in the USA.

Now under their laws (USA) you have the right to know who is complaining about you and they do not have the right to remain anonymous.  They obviously do not know that simple fact - this is not an FBI -V- The Mob case, it is simply something that spite driven.

I have not asked who the complainer is - yet.  If it continues I will do, and "one" will react to the pettiness and spite shown.  Please cease and desist, I really do not want to know who you are - I already know you are a small minded individual of no consequence.  So wrap it!

Photography & stuff

One has run out of time, again.  Just to let you know that I have been very busy and that you can still see a lot of the more recent activity on the Youtube bar to the right of these words.  That is updated automatically by Youtube so something less to worry about by me.

Shot some models in the DP studios and would just like to thank Stuart Dreghorn for being so helpful in ensuring time to getting it done.  A few hockey matches also covered and they have been uploaded to the web site and Youtube.  The new calendar launches on Wed and pre bookings ahve been excellent.  Kicks off at 1800hrs in Xscape at Braehead.  Copies will be signed on the night if you want to drop in.  Will make a great xmas pressie - go on buy one, or two!

Sorry no links to stuff, all searchable if you are really interested.

Have to say thanks yet again to the great team of G.L.S. - You will get to see some of the images real soon but thanks to Lesley Docherty for the hair styling and Stephanie Kerr for the Makeup.  You can find them both on Facebook.

OK I'll post one image - guess what this is for:  It's a cracker  look here:

no it is not real.

See you out there.

Take care,


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