Sunday, 11 December 2011

A little bit sick.

No, really I am a bit sick.  Have an infection in my lower lung which is being treated with antibiotics.  Not as bad as I was but unable to do much in the way of photography.

Prior to going off sick I did cover the Braehead Clan hockey match against the Edinburgh Capitals and that can be seen or accessed via the Youtube bar on the right of this Blog.

Emulate Magazine goes from strength to strength with the "likes" on our Facebook page now well into three figures.
We also launched our model competition with the winners going on to make the Emulate Calendar for 2013.  Really looking forward to that so please get involved if you can.

It's real easy to compete with all the rules on the web site.  You submit three pictures for consideration and let the best one win :)

Emulate goes live on the first of January and we will keep you updated on that.  Well I think we might be mentioning it a few times over the Xmas period and beyond.

Remember you must subscribe on the web site to get your copy.  It's all free to receive.

Get subscribing now as Issue 1 will be a bumper issue which we will need to live up to for future publication.  A challenge but one that we relish.  Stories about sport, lifestyle and modelling.  There is a lot in there and hopefully it will provide you with a great read in the New Year.


I have been updating my videos and slideshows and continue to do so as there are still quite a few more to render.  They can be seen from the Youtube bar on the right of the Blog or you can visit my channel directly from here  Check out Debbie Shaw modelling in the video slideshow "Night & Day".  Black wigged she looks awesome and a real change from her normal Blonde look.  Chjeck it out!  Would also be nice if you would click the adverts that appear on the screen as they usually relate to something of your own personal interests.  It does not pay awfully much but every little bit helps keep the production going.

Other videos are Vicky, Marlene, Nikola, Club 29 and Nadia.  All worth a watch.  Well you expect me to say that - the content is always worth a watch.  The photography you can always comment on if you so wish.

Will try and get another Blog together before Xmas when hopefully I will have been able to get out a shoot a few images to post.  Until then take care out there.


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