Sunday, 5 October 2014

Photokina 2014

Not long back from Photokina 2014 in Cologne, Germany.  Some pictures can be seen on my Facebook page here: Photokina 2014

Now being a Canon user that stand was my first port of call especially as they had just announced the launch of the canon 7D MKll CanonEOS7DMarkII and the 400mm DO F4 lens EF 400mm F4 DO IS USM

Obviously had a try of both camera and lens and each impressed.  The 7D MKll AF is exceptionally  quick and has its own processor to handle the AF functions.  Its a great camera, but a larger sensor at "H" might have made it stunning.  The again I suspect that would have pushed the price up as well.  It's all about compromises in camera design and an update the 1D MKlV would have been ideal for sport photographers.

The 400mm F4 DO is a beautiful bit of glass and handles superbly but its bank loan time if you want to own one.  Your needs would need to be great or your bank balance very flush to afford this beauty.  I am sure they will sell but not too many unless your employer was buying I suspect.  A dream lens, and that is about as close as I will get to owning one.

The next stand to impress was Samsung. The NX1 Samsung NX1  Again another great camera with a lot going for it especially the AF and low light capabilities.  Big problem as this is an SLR - do you switch for your current model to go "Samsung"?  Most of us invest in a system and the usual swap is Nikon to Canon or Canon to Nikon.  Now Samsung have some nice lenses for the camera with more to be announced but not at the cheap end of the market.  New entry into photography?  Give this camera a look - it will not disappoint.

Another item that interested me was the Nissin i40 Flashgun i40 Flash Small and lightweight this made a great addition to my kit.  Yes, I actually bought one it impressed that much with its 1/8000 sync - all speeds..  It makes a great change to see camera gear going "lightweight!  Check it out - very impressive.  Not sure if there is a Nikon version, hopefully yes.

Staying on flashguns I also purchased a Caler 200 Jimbai Caler 200 which also impressed me.  Battery pack that is incredibly fast and sync speed up to 1/8000 meant that I simply could not resist.  Replaceable bulbs and a power unit that fits standard Canon flash guns mad it a no-brainer. The bulb end diffuser has 2 screens which can be removed if required but this does mean the end is larger than normal.  Maybe not as easy to fit in the camera bag if space is tight but the usefulness far outweighs that issue.

Just a mention to GoPro: no announcement of the Hero 4 (that I heard anyway) GoPro and  your stand was way too small for the event.  You worldwide sales must run into millions yet most of us could not get near you!  Lesson for 2016 - go big!  Listen and learn from the audience that tried to hear what was going on.

Will be back in 2016 - yes, not to be missed.  Technically you cannot buy directly from the exhibitors at Photokina but special prices for the event mean - Resistance is futile - just buy!!  Delighted with my bargains and the companies that could not do enough to help.  Did try to buy a bag for my gear - despite leaving all my details with the German supplier - not a word.  Now purchased from Calumet Calumet UK  who had a sale on - Glasgow store.  We all love a bargain!


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