Monday, 13 May 2013

Neglected corner of my web

It has been some time since this was updated and of course there is always an excuse for keeping it on the back burner.  Time to jot a few words to "is it really worth it" immediately spring to mind.

Am not convinced it generates interest or income for most unless you are at the top of the tree or already well known.  Readers or followers really do need to be interested in what you have to offer, or what you have to offer is generally interesting.

The good thing is my Youtube account is linked and all my videos appear on the page here as soon as they are published to the web.

Of course I have been very busy and a lot of what I have been doing is here: Youtube

Zombie Wedding was great fun and the music of Lou Hickey is very catchy indeed.  You can see some footage here and above.

Doing a good deal of wedding work now that the season has started and some images can be seen on my Smugmug account.   Again, of course you cans see footage on the Youtube channel:

You can also see Michelle & Frank's First Dance video as well:
Balbirnie House HotelBalbirnie House

Like I said previously keeping very busy and doing a lot more video work so if you need a photographer or video work undertaken then visit the website

Usual number to get in touch: 07756926054

Remember to subscribe to the Youtube Channel to keep up to date.



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