Thursday, 22 September 2011

Another day, another dollar?  If money makes the world go round then I am in deep trouble of grinding to a standstill.  Thanks to the SNP (current Scottish government) we now have another year added to the pay freeze situation making it three years with no wage rises.  To add insult to injury they have raised the pension contributions so you can pay more in, to get even less out!  Then triple whammy they have raised a tax on those selling alcohol of ciggies.  So you cannot even afford a drink to forget about your worries and the fact that due to pay freezes you probably couldn't pay for it anyway.  I predict a steep rise in shoplifting as the price per bottle rises  Now they have raised the retirement age those extra 1000 cops they promised us they will be in zimmers chasing bad guys in bikes - well nobody will be able to put fuel in cars by the end of this decade!

Another thing about those extra 1000 cops.  Are the on a piece of elastic or something?  You think they recruited them for "one year only" or will they join the zimmer brigade and retire as old persons?  I have probably misunderstood the government message.  What they really meant was an extra 1000 cops every year they are in office?  Now that makes sense given that they keep saying "we will keep the etxra 1000 cops on the beat".  Don't worry Minister; they will be too bloody old to walk a beat they way you keep raising the age of retirement.  When they said we will look after you from the cradle to the grave, I did not realise they meant that was to be your working life.  Die in work will be the norm by the end of the next decade - my prediction.  Too old or too infirm - like over sixties cops just die and save the government your pension rights.  Yes, only half goes to your next of kin.  Great way to make money and I am sure the insurance companies will opt out covering you by the age of 67. 

Right, enough about politics, this Blog is about photography - right!

Finished editing the images for Ashley Collins CD cover which launches on Saturday night live in Glasgow.  Not allowed to show you the final cover image but I can give you a wee sneak peek at some of the stuff we shot of her during the day.  Now lets see if I can insert an image here.  Well not too bad it inserted above the paragraph and I guess that's probably close enough.  Great creative team involved here of Scott Garvie who shot a behind the scenes video (click the links) of the action and of course hair and makeup artists Stephanie Kerr on makeup and Lesley Docherty on hair - see we are a wee group!  Moi of course clicking the shutter button.  You do get to see me on the video but dont let that put you off watching it.  Ashley's other video for Super Diva that I took some stills of can be seen here.  Dont miss Ashley's launch night on Saturday at Delmonicas 68 Virgina St, Glasgow, 9pm - be there.

Finished the slide show and first video for the Bennan House holiday home and I have to say that it is looking good.  Check out the videos on my YouTube channel "georgemon" or click the link for the slide show  Bennan House is situated in Straiton in Ayrshire and is a great place to holiday and relax in a very quiet area on the countryside.  The beauty of the area is stunning in places and of course a short drive take you into Ayr or deeper into Burns country.  House has five bedrooms and all you could possibly need for you holiday.  Great place to rest in front of a roaring fire with the chance to put you feet up for a while.  Mind you when I was the there the team used it to shoot a few model scenes and that link with give you a behind the scenes look at the preparations prior to shooting.  Some stills for the day (I think there are 4 videos in total) can be seen here in a slide show  Play them in HD and turn on the sound as some of the music is from the lovely Laura Kenny - love her sound.  I hope you enjoy the music and videos.

While at Bennan House I also got to shoot with the "Face of Glasgow" miss Jade Leigh Hunt and some images from that went to the "Face of Europe" that Jade will be taking part in as a Grand Finalist at Disney World in Paris. Go Jade!  Hope she does well and I have another shoot lined up with her before the end of this week as we broaden the appeal and looks of the creative team.  Looking forward to that very much and as we are working outside hopefully the weather will be kind to us.

See the slideshow of Jade's shoot at Bennan House click here  Enjoy in full HD and some great music to go along with the images.  Post your comments if you have a mind to.  I will try to answer all those do leave something positive in response to the show.

What else?  I did the images for the Elite Ice Hockey team Braehead Clan and shot each players' head shot for a poster I had in mind.  get the players to sign it and hopefully auction it off for funds for the association. First game of the season is on Saturday night at Braehead Arena against Dundee and it will be a rush from there into Glasgow to catch and photograph Ashley's CD launch in the city centre.  Fast car on standby!

What a team!  get yourself to a match, you will not regret it.  Great for all the family and really excellent enjoyment for all.

Well time is marching on but I hope some of my musings have kept you reading to the end here.  Plenty to see in the video and I hope you like the images - well at least some of them.

Speak soon.  Probably in a few  days when life slows to a frenzy.  Dont forget to visit my main site at


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