Wednesday, 28 September 2011

That was a week that was!

Without doubt one of the busiest weeks I have had for quite some time. Was either out shooting or sat at the PC editing images that I had just shot.  24 hours sometimes is just not enough for one day.

Lets start at the end of the week - well why not - because the Elite League Hockey season is back!  Braehead Clan kicked off their season with a shirt launch and meet the players night at the Sno!Bar in Xscape at Braehead Shopping Centre.  Group pictures taken then individual head shots and of course each player receiving their shirt from the team coach.  Got a chance to meet up with the two new "Braehearts" for this season Alexandra Prior & Amy Tweed who can be seen here

Then of course we had the first game of the season with our opener taking place at Braehead Arena against the Dundee Stars  Great start for us running out 6 - 0 winners on the night.  Match pictures can be seen here or you can view the Clan warm up routine and still images here  5 mins of warm up and then about 4mins or so of still images set to music.  It's titled "So it Begins", for obvious reasons.  The not so obvious is that is also the title of the music the video is set to.
Here they are in their new shirts for the season.

Also pictured are Kirsty Longmuir (right)(The Boss) and Lorraine Sands (2nd Boss :) A great season to look forward to and hopefully a winning one.  Just realised you could insert Youtube videos in these Blogs so you can view the video directly from here.  If you wish to see it in HD then please click the link above.  I am writing this stuff that would suggest others might actually read it but suspect chance would be a fine thing!

The 50's Look

G.L.S. (George, Lesley & Stephanie) the Creative Team got together again with the Face of Glasgow Jade Leigh Hunt to recreate a 50's Hair & Make-Up Look for a portfolio shoot in Kilmarnock.  Locations to actually work indoors tend to be limited unless you use the studio but we are trying to get away and use the great outdoors to work in.  Hair & Make-Up was undertaken at Lesley's house where Dean Park was only a few minutes away and we had been given permission to shoot within the grounds.  Of course being Scotland the weather is always a major factor and needless to say it poured from the heavens most of the morning.

Thankfully it stopped persisting it down long enough for us to get some images in our first look and evening dress.  Late on in the afternoon it got a lot better and we did some great images in the grounds of the park.  Then of course in no time it was dark o'clock when we had to pack up and head home.  Would love to have done much more but you need some light to work with on the look we were trying to achieve.
More images and the video slideshow can be see Here  Will add the video direct window below this.
Now I have to say I am not good with the video making, not at least with a 35mm camera but it will improve as I get a lot more pracrice in.  Believe me I need the practice!  That aside it gives you a good idea of the Hair & Make_Up used on the day.


Final image for the Album cover has been selected and will be launched on Saturday night in Glasgow.  Pictures on the Blog next week.


Away to West Lothian to picture the local youth football team for all their publicity shots and images for their sponsors.  Each individual head shot, team shot, team with the trainers, different tops with differing sponsors - it's never an easy job but the kids were great and we did get the images done in the end.

Slideshows & Videos

Trying different software to edit and create slideshows and video is no easy task.  I guess the real deal would be the PS After Effects or similar but that is a real steep learning curve and I suspect it would take a college course to get the best out of it.  The price of the software is frightening and really needs to be justified which I cannot really do at this time.  Trying Power Director and it appears to quite good and easy to use.  Like all sotfware is has its little foibles and annoyances. Like why would I want to insert one image over another in a slide show rathjer that just close the gap between video and still image?  There is probably a way to view things in closer detail - just I have not found it yet.  Ho hum, will need to try harder.

Coming Up:

Pixie Lott, Olly Murs, Sugarbabes and of course the wonderful Mobos.  Mobos are next week and that should be fun but still have the Clyde 1 show on Friday, Hockey on Saturday and of course SuperDiva launch on Saturday night - right after the hockey.  Should be fun - fast car anyone?

Hopefully update the Blog next week.  Until then, take care out there dear reader.  Well someone might read this!

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