Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Flakey Clients/Models - not a days work!

I am sure everyone gets them from time to time; the client who books you, and then fails to show up or even cancel.  Photography seems particualrly beset with the problem and especially with "Flakey Mawduls" syndrome.

Scenario always runs the same way:  they contact you for a booking and a date is agreed while you discuss styles, dress, look there is plenty of communication.  This goes along swimmingly until a couple of days before the shoot and all communication stops.  This is where my early warning radar kicks in and you attempt to re-establish contact with the living.  You never get a reply to e-mail, texts, FB posts, Tweets or any other form of message delivery including carrier pigeon (wonder who eats all those pigeons?)

Now the prospective client has been contacted by other members of the team, Lesley for the hair styling (Headstrong Solutions) and Stephaine for the make-up (Peaches & Paint) and like before this initially goes very well.  Same again though, a few days before the event all goes quiet.  Now a fair bit of this is now done through social networking sites like FaceBook so it's not exactly difficult to communicate with people or see what their activities are.  We tend to create a private group to mesage each other with the client included and we knock ideas around to we get a look and style the client wants to try.  It's a good way to stay in touch, its quick and easy and evryone gets to know whats happening within the team in minutes.

The bit that really gets to me is that the "client" never apologies, presumes that we have all now left this planet to live in some alternate universe where we can no longer see, hear that they are alive and well and just cannot be arsed to talk to you.  You have simply disappeared from their existance never to be seen or heard from again.  Scary that some people just dont give a monkeys about you or other people they have messed about.

Now while you have given up your day to work with the time waster you cannot take on other work so you get doubly hit, time and in the pocket both get it.  The one thing you need in any business is your good name.  You need to be 100% reliable.  No good being the greatest model on  earth if you are not there when the camera needs to start clicking.  Just another flake of a time waster.  If you are not going to turn up at least have the common decency to inform someone before hand.

On that note let me assure everyone that GLS is 100% reliable and professional in all the work we undertake for you.  Start to finish we assure you of our best.  George, Lesley & Stephanie (GLS)

Beardmore Hotel

Back again to the Beardmore Hotel in Clydebank for another wedding and aprt from the DJ blowing a fuse in his electricals all went well.  Don't post wedding pics on Blogs or FaceBook as these I feel are not suitable for that type of public coverage.  Couple of images will appear on my site in due course.  Now while there guess who was also staying?  Scotland under 21's training under Billy Stark and doing quite well.  Have a game at St Mirren park so come on the boys!  Well let's face it the adult team is a lost cause.  Maybe next time - aye maybe!

Radisson Blu Slideshow

Part 2 of the event has now been uploaded to Youtube and can be seen here:
Few more parts to go yet but at least I have edited all the images from the day.  Fantastic shoot which I throughly enjoyed and hope all the rest of the team did as well.

Braehead Clan

Back to the ice hockey and managed to complete a full team picture, a calendar front cover and head shot of every player in 20 minutes.  Pressure, what pressure?  I keep telling them, I might not be good, but I am quick!  Thanks to all the team for their cooperation on this one as we quickly rattled through the images that had to captured for this season's publicity material

This is not the final picture but a tweaked image to give you an idea from the session.  Pics will be published soon and be on sale at all the home games.  Calendar in time for a great Xmas pressie.
Bring on the next home game on Saturday.  Cannae wait!  See you all at Braehead Arena - i's the place to be.

Think that will do me and sorry about the rant regarding non existant clients - it is annoying of course.  Next wee rant will be about "charity events" and how everything now is all about "charity".

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