Saturday, 8 October 2011

Where have all the hours gone?

After one busy week I have a hectic 10 days or so and scarily enough it is continuing.  I am finding the time spent editing images is just as long as a session taking the pictures.  The Radisson Blu Hotel shoot was a bit special especially in the amount of images captured.  More on that later.  First up sports:

Braehead Clan continued their winning ways by defeating the Cardiff Devils at Braehead only to go down to defeat the following day at the away tie in Cardiff.  The team are doing well and this is especially true when you consider how little ice time they had and lack of matches due to Braehead Arena being used for the international tennis matches.  Team pics will be taken next week so look out for some of them in the next Blog - hopefully.  Time flies these days.

Clyde 1 Live:

Lucky enough to cover the Clyde 1 Live (not sure how long that link will stay active) event at the SECC which was great if a little regimented in organisation.  Behind the scenes, out front, wait here, behind the scenes, no wait again etc.  I do appreciate these things are not easy but it can be frustrating as I have to use two camera bodies and two differing lenses to captures this fast changing event organisation.  No flash is allowed front of stage for obvious reasons but it is required behind the scenes so one camera has to have a flash permanently attached.  More weight around the neck and differing setting in each camera.  Keep you on your toes though!

With having so many acts there is little time to edit as you go so it all has to be done when the gig finishes or in my case a fast car back home to site in front of the PC.  Upload the images to the server ready for immediate printing wherever required.  Once again no rest for the wicked.  The days are starting to blend into each other as one shoot follows another.  Some images from the event. You will appreciate these are quite small and heavily watermarked - again for obvious reasons.  Link is for my FB page

Radisson Blu

Sunday the 2nd October saw me at the Radisson Blu hotel Glasgow in a great shoot lasting 10 hours.  Must thank my team for their efforts and the great images captured.  Nikola Bonova, Alexandra Prior, Lesley Docherty hair and Nazia Ali for makeup.

To be honest I could have added many pictures from the shoot as it is very difficult to pick just a couple or so for so many images Little video slideshow is linked here from the start of the shoot.  Never taken so many images from one shoot before.  Well over 2300 images - incredible amount of images but it was going so well.  Must congratulate the team once again.  Well done all.

Radisson Blu

Think that little catch up will do for the moment and hopefully I will be able to post some more from this shoot and add some extra from the week that has now gone.  Saturday night now and I have to dash off.  Will keep you updated.  Not much chat this time but hopefully the images will help.

Bye for now.  George

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