Saturday, 29 October 2011

Is it that time again!

Yes, time for a new blog post.  A quick few words between editing the wedding images and heading off out to Braehead for the Clan -V- Edinburgh Capitals.

No doubt this is a theme that will run and run on my Blog posts.  At least I hope it is or otherwise it will be a sign of the work drying up.  There simply is not enough hours in the day so Georgian calendar comes to my rescue with an extra hour tonight as the clocks go back.  Remember - the clocks go back tomorrow morning at 2am.  Don't say you were not warned.

Ok, then. Hectic week with a wedding, image printers and of course a Clan game at Braehead.

Clan -V- Fife Flyers:

Great game with the Clan running out winners in this Challenge Cup Match.


Don't normally post images from wedding here but will pick one as the venue was a little different than normal for me.  Brian Maule's restaurant Chardon D'Orr in West Regent St Glasgow.

Not a nice day so only a few pictures outside when the rain let up for a few minutes.
Well at least I got to park my car next to the venue so that is a big help.  This is another theme that will probably run and run in my Blog postings so perhaps next time one can discuss why it is such an issue.  That's a theme for the next posting me thinks.

More Clan:

Clan team picture goes on sale tonight along with all the individual player images.  Hopefully all will sell well.  Will be keeping an eye on the buying public over the next couple of home games to see if they are indeed selling.

Printers brought along a few samples during the week and they do look good - well I would say that, would't I?

  It is always a worry how your images will be received by those who have to put their hands in the pocket to purchase the images.  Will keep youn updated.  My own Clan Poster is not doing too well in terms of sales so will have to try a bit more marketing I think as it is only sold online from Facebook.  Might try a shot on Ebay - you never know!


Posted another few videos which can be accessed through the video bar on the right of the page or visit Youtube direct.  You could always "Subscribe" - gto on, you know you want to.

Right, have to head off to the shower as I have several events to cover this evening including party time at Alea Casinos.  Life in the fast lane -eh!  Busy, busy day tomorrow as well.  Big shoot on in the afternoon.  I am sure you will see some pictures in the next Blog Post.

Speak soon and take care,

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