Thursday, 3 November 2011

A car, a car, my camera needs a car!

Made mention of my harping about "where can I park my car" in the last Blog so here it is, and why.

It's strange that as technology adavances and such things as aircraft, ships, buses, laptops, phones and the rest have gotten smaller and lighter professioonal camera gear marches in the other direction.  It is true that more recently attempts have been made to rectify the professional market and downsize some of the current gear - albeit at a much greater price!

Fast lenses require fast glass to allow more light to enter the camera to capture the image but modern lenses also need motors to drive a fast AF, IS and micro processors to pass information form the lens to the camera.  The camera needs to be robust and pro versions require to be dust and water resistant as they need to work in all conditions/weather.

Carbon bodies have helped but battery power to drive all this requires larger/heavier power packs which all add to this weight problem.

Most of us will cary a variety of lenses to cover various situations that arise on a shoot or even just to alter our angle of view.  My usual gear would be a 28-70L F2.8, 50l F1.2, 16-35L F2.8.  Might change the 50mm for an 85mm or the 16-35 for a 70-200L.  Sports gear is always the larger lenses with the 28-70 for "Man of the Match" at the end of the game.

 The same applies to camera bodies.  At least two bodies are required on any professional assigment; this time to cover any mechanical/electrical breakdown to one of them.  For myself I use two pro bodies while many will use a prosumer camera as a backup.  No problem with this and prosumer badies are considerably lighter than their pro counterparts/upgrades.  I will sometimes pack a 5D full frame camera if a wider angle of view is required.  Landscapes are not my forte so the 5D does not get a lot of use, but building interiors might demand that wider angle of view.

Once again no pro would go on an assigment without some form of light modifier and usually this would be a flashgun.  Flashguns require power, and power also requires to be backed up by carrying spare batteries.  I always carry one, and often two flashguns with me. This is not just as a backup but to give me some lighting options when they are used with PocketWizards to fire in unison.  PocketWizards required to be powered whci also needs to be backed up .....................

All in all a considerable weight load to be carried, usually in/on my backpack and these old shoulders are not as weight bearing as they used to be. (well thats's my excuse)  Walking about a city centre with a monopod or a couple of light stands completes the load more suited for a pack mule than a photographer.

Now often you have to add a lot more lighting options that require "studio quality" lights and stands.  My preferred option is the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra system which comes with its own carrycase and if used on its own is very portable.  Unfortunately you still need a camer to take the pictures so man packing it all becomes impossible.  I need my motor!  I've given up, I can't carry it, the load is too great - I need my motor.

A car is essential for all of this and it has to be nearby or have some willing helper who will share the load to the venue.

So, now you know.  Please consider parking options where possible, it makes it so much easier to add versatility to you shoot or assignment.

All that technology available surely someone can make this gear lightweight?

 Shooting Pictures

Shot some "Actor" headshots in the city centre which went well with the client being "more than pleased" with the results.  Always nice to get feedback on your images - not every client provides it; expecting you to give them the professional results they are looking for.

Also heard back for the wedding images and the couple who are from down south want me to shoot some more images for them in the new year.  Another pleasing result.

Alea Casinos' Halloween night saw me team up again with Erin Gavin's dancers Debbie Shaw, Jade Anne Lindores and Linda Lui.  The girls did a "Thriller" night dance which you can see here:

Now I did not come to this with any intention to video anything but on a last moment request from the girls used the camera handheld to capture this footage.  Had a guy fall over me, people walk in front of me, talking and other nosie.  For all of those restrictions - not too bad.  Images will appear on Alea's web site in due course.

Braehead Clan:

Clan took on Edinburgh Capitals running out winners on the Saturday only to lose to them next day in Edinbugh.  Images from the game are here:

Clan -V- Edinburgh Capitals

Also shot the charity Xmas Appeal pictures and the transport appeal which will appear in a programme at Braehead soon.  Some pictures can be seen on my Facebook should you care to look.

It's happening real soon

Big shoot of the week was -  It's all under wraps!!  Big launch soon but the images have been shot and now delivered for the launch.  Will reveal all real soon.  Very "urban" look to the images which were shot in a Paisley warehouse.  Cannae wait!!!

Another big launch will also take place real soon which I am really excited about.  Our new online magazine "name released very soon" will be with you shortly.  Hopefully you will all take to the magazine and subscribe as it will have a lot for sport fans, models, photographers and lifestyle advice.

Also happening real soon will be my 100,000 web site visitor this year. Now standing at 99,005 as I type.  Now I realise in a global market these are not major numbers but more than 300 visitors a day hit my site so I am really delighted in reaching the 100,000 mark.  It's probably even better as not every page on the site is recorded so some will be missed.  All the image page links cannot be recorded as they are basically slideshows and not static enough.  Will be there in a day or so.  100,000, th'ats' not too bad is it?

Need to finish now as another big shoot tomorrow in a hotel with an early start then a busy afternoon.  Need to interview a few people as well for the new magazine.  Keep you ears open for that launch - it's going to be good!  Get subscribing!!!

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  1. Hi George ... I really enjoyed your article. Glad I found the link for it on Facebook. I agree with you about the who "mule" thing with photographers or film-makers ... it's seems battery technology hasn't quite caught up with image technology just yet! :-)

    I've already mentioned on Facebook how much I admired the "Radisson BLu" shots ... (it helps that Alexandra is gorgeous but I think the shots were top notch! The vivid colours & composition were a particular winner for me ...

    I'm still hoping that I'll be able to take you up on your offer to come with you on a shoot ... I really believe I'll learn a lot ... if that's still a possibility I'd love to chat more later in November, (I'm abroad for 2 weeks as of the 7th) ... either way it would be good to catch up again ...

    Looking forward to the magazine too ... I'll subscribe for sure ... sounds interesting! Let me know via FB when it's released ...

    Catch you later mate ...