Friday, 23 December 2011

Its Christmas Time

Its Christmas time.  Well very nearly and for some sooner than others depending on where you live in the world.  Just a couple of days away for us here in the UK and at last the tills in the shops appear to be ringing out loud and clear which will come as some relief to the shop owners.

They reckon that some 9000 business will be insolvent by the time we get into the New Year all because consumer spending is way down with many people feafing for their jobs or future prospects.  Photography is not immune to the recession and many have seen a real drop in bookings for wedding and the like.  There will always be those that buck the trend but generally speaking the trend is for cheap, cheaper and cheapest.  For many this is the only option left open to them as  people really are feeling the pinch.  If Christmas spending is at rock bottom then you can rest assure things are bad.

Not long until 2012 and sadly it looks like there will be no real improvement in personal circumstances for the majority in the UK.  This is not a good time to be a public service worker and the private sector will not fare much better for the bulk of those employed in it.

Not much joy around, but Christmas with your family or friends should be a time of good cheer with of course some pressies and hopefully good food to enjoy.  Let's make the most of the holiday and forget some of our woes.  Relax for a few days and enjoy yourself as best you can wrapped up in the spirit of Christmas.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone.  If you can spare a thought or two for those less fortunates than yourself.  There are always those who are worse off than we will ever be and who have no welfare system to offer some comfort.  Raise a glass or two to those no longer with us and who we miss, especially now and at the Bells on Hogmany.

May the light of the world shine upon you and keep you safe.  Health before wealth, but don't forget the lottery ticket this and next weekend!

See you all in 2012

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