Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Blogger, wherefor art thou, Blogpost

It's getting more and more difficult to keep on ways to communicate these days.  All this technology and only 24 hours in a day.  Tweet, tube, book and blog, it's all getting too much!

The Youtube channel is getting used more often than anything else at the moment but I guess the bulk of the workm is done on your social networking site.  Mine is FB and just keeping up with everyone else is a full time job in itself.  Too many of the post are "look at me" rather than "this is what I have been up to" or "this is what is happening in the (my) world".

Do we really all have a message to pass on to others?  Some interesting fact, news or knowledge? Or is it more of a case of "look at me" - I seek attention and need you to respond.  Just recently seen so much of -"I jusy posted this to see how many of my friends really read my posts" - "please do this that or the other to respond!  Oh yeah?  Now the thing is, generally speaking, I will respond as I do read what you are posting.  I am interested in what you are up to and you should keep your posts "interesting" so that I can enjoy the read.

Makes you wonder though.  Is there anything these sites do not know about you?  You likes, shopping habits, surfing experience, what you are looking for, shopping, gifts etc.  I went looking for a microphone on E-bay for the new video interviews I do and now every time I look at a Youtube video i get bombarded with "microphone" adverts.  So obvioulsy this information is shared across the internet.  Quite scary really.

Anway that is my excuse for ignoring this Blog for a more than a month.  Does anyone really read it? More to the point, do enough people read it to make it worthwhile continuing with it?  That si not asking the reader here for as reply just my general musings.  Is it a tool to market yourself that others can find you if they go looking?  Why would they choose to read my written thoughts on how I am spending my time.  Do I really have a message to pass over to you?  Probably not!

It does give you the chance to showcase some of your work and that is something, but why not just view it on your web site, FB or Youtube account?  Are we being swamped with information overload? I suspect we all are and it takes up more and more of our time to consume it.  We really are turning into a nation/people of techo babble stuck at PC, phone or tablet.  Should we really get out more, sleep more perhaps because the time has git to be deducted from somewhere within this 24 hour timeframe.

It's just as well my Youtube account is automatically updated to here, FB, Twitter etc. Saves me a ton of time!!?  Yeah right!


  1. Just completed this on Sunday and still editing images from the day.  Cold day in Glasgow so must really thank our model Lesley.  Great model and very professional throughout.
  2. More Braehead Clan offerings but a big lull this month at the Arena due to the international tennis being played there.  Next game on the 18th Feb.  Pictures and videos on Youtube etc :)
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  1. Read it and glad you write in your blog rather just all pics .. I agree with that point just put them on your website .. Its boring knowing thats all your going to see, i thought blogging was all in telling a story whatever it is .. Facebook can be boring so i love to read intresting blogs, so i for one am hoping you keep up the blogging :) x